HD-SDI Cameras

The latest HD-SDI and IP day and night cameras with CMOS and Exmor technology.

Analog cameras

High sensitive Day and night cameras, EXview , Effio, 1/3" and 1/2" EM-CCD cameras

Size Resolution Sensitivity

Larger sensor = Higher sensitivity.
Higher resolution = Lower sensitivity.
All application are different, ask for solution.


2B Security delivers high quality and high sensitive surveillance cameras. Especially in long range applications a very high sensitive camera is needed, as the powerful zoom lenses are less sensitive, compared to small lenses due to the large focal length.

We supply you cameras with the very latest CCD or CMOS sensor and processing technology to ensure the highest resolution and the highest sensitivity possible. We use the technologies like Sony 960H Exview CCD with Effio WDR II for analoge video cameras and Sony CMOS with Exmor tecnology for HD-SDI cameras.

Below you will find some of the main factors when selecting the right camera for your application:

Analog, HD-SDI or IP camera

To chose the basic technology of the camera, depends of so many factors in the application.
In general:
To obtain the highest sensitivity and a wide selection of zoom lenses, you must choose analog.
To obtain the highest resolution you must choose HD-SDI MP cameras.
The different technologies has advantages and disadvantages, we can guide you to the best solution.

CCD / CMOS Sensorsccd2

The most important when selecting a high sensitive camera is the sensor technology used and the size of the sensor.
High sensitive “non cooled” sensors could be the Sony 960H Exview CCD with Effio WDR II for analoge video cameras and Sony CMOS with Exmor tecnology for HD-SDI cameras..

Size of sensor

Large ccd sensors have higher sensitivity compared to small sensors due to the size of the pixels.
For that reason we have always preferred 1/2″ or 2/3″ size, but the market and technologies are developing and we have to follow…
Many new sensor technologies are mostly manufactured in smaller sizes, and the new sensors are much more advanced and sensitive compared to older sensor technologies, so even the sensor size is smaller, the sensitivity and resolution are equal or some times better than the larger sensors, if the large sensor is an older sensor technology.

For long range surveillance systems the smaller sensors have the advantage that a more narrow area of the zoom lens will be used and therefore the zoom factor will be 30% more powerful.


At a distance of 5 km on a 1000mm lens and a 1/2″ sensor the scene width will be 33 meter.
At a distance of 5 km on a 1000mm lens and a 1/3″ sensor the scene width will be 25 meter.

half-inch-ccd                  third-inch-ccd
1/2″ CCD / 1000mm lens          1/3″ CCD / 1000mm lens


Color, BW or Day/Night cameraircut2

For systems where light sensitivity is top priority the latest day/night cameras with mechanical moving ir cut filter is the best choice.
The day/night camera must be equipped with a motorized IR cut filter to allow maximum light to enter and IR sensitivity at night time.

IR sensitivity

All our cameras are very sensitive in the infrared spectrum, the human eye is sensitive in the wavelength up to approx 780nm, but the sensors are sensitive in wave length above.
Most infrared illuminators are in the wavelength of 750 to 850nm as this is the most sensitive infrared area of the sensors. If invisible illumination is requered for the application 850nm or higher must be used. The higher wavelength, the less sensitivity of the sensor.


Long range surveillance applications


Long range ptz cameras with wiper and infrared illumination.

For long range applications many considerations must be done when selecting the right components that are important to obtain images at long range, in all weather and light conditions.
2B Security custom built long range PTZ camera systems as each application have specific requirements to sensitivity, weather, speed, range, temperatures, precision and budget.

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