OHS-3003 Stainless steel housing with wiper “medium/large size”

  • IP67 Stainless steel camera housing.
  • Internal length 456 / 556mm
  • Usable space area 96x96mm
  • Made of AIS316 stainless steel.
  • Options: Wiper, heater, brackets


The OHS-3003 stainless steel housing with wiper is a medium / large sized camera housing. The housing is made by high quality stainless steel grade 316.
This outdoor housing is IP67 rated and therefore are highly suitable for outdoor environment.

AIS-316 is the ultimate protective material for a camera housing located in protect against salt water and other harsh environment.

The camera housing can be equipped with window heater, wiper and active heater.

Specifications for OHS-3003 housing with wiper

Material Stainless steel AIS316
IP rating IP67
Body length (with sunshield) 651mm / 751mm
Internal Size HxWxL 96x96x456mm / 96x96x556mm
Weight 9-13 kg
Window heater 15W PTC (self regulating)
Wiper (option) Self parking
 Voltage (wiper, Heater)  AC230V, AC110V, AC24V, DC24V
Cable entry Cable glands
Temperture -20° +60°


  • Wiper

    The stainless steel housing can be delivered with a built-in wiper option.

  • Wall bracket

    Stainless steel wall brackets available in different sizes to fit the length of the housing.

  • Pole mount bracket

    Pole bracket as base for wall bracket made of stainless steel.

  • Corner mount bracket

    Corner mount bracket as base for wall bracket made of stainless steel.

  • Custom coating color

    The stainless steel camera housing can be delivered painted in a custom color.

  • Active heater

    Active heater with fan to keep housing temperature at a thermostatic setting.

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