PH-850 Pressurized large camera housing

  • IP67 Pressurized camera housing.
  • Internal length 657mm
  • Usable space area 120x120mm
  • Made of AIS316 stainless steel.
  • Options: heater and non-pressurized version


The PH-850 stainless steel pressurized large camera housing is an outdoor housing, IP67 rated and are made of stainless steel grade 316.
This housing are therefore highly suitable for outdoor applications to protect against salt water and other harsh environment. The housing are equipped with inlet and outlet valves to be able to pressurize the housing with nitrogen.
By pressurizing the camera housing with nitrogen, a dry, over pressured and stable enviroment is obtained.

The nitrogen pressurized camera housing can be equipped with window heater, wiper and active heater.

The PH-850 is also available as a non-pressurized version.

Specifications for PH-850 nitrogen pressurized camera housing

Material Stainless steel AIS316
IP rating IP67
Body length (with sunshield) 685mm
Internal Size HxWxL 120x120x657mm (Ø188mm)
Weight 18 kg
Window heater 20W PTC (self regulating)
 Voltage (Heater)  AC230V, AC24V
Cable entry Connector
Temperture -40° +60°


  • Active heater

    Active heater with fan to keep housing temperature at a thermostatic setting.


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