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OHS-1010 small size camera housing

  • IP66 High quality outdoor housing.
  • Internal length 335mm
  • Made of Aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Water nozzle to connect washer system.
  • Options: Wiper, heater and fan


The OHS-1010 camera housing is the smallest housing in the series. This housing is suitable for camera and a lens up to approx focal length 100mm. The housing is made of aluminum and all fittings are made of stainless steel. This very robust housing is IP rated to IP66 and therefore are highly suitable for outdoor environment.

The housing can be delivered with a selection of many options, double sunshield to avoid sun peak temperatures, active heater thermostatically controlled to heat up the housing above a chosen temperature to keep it frost free, wiper with self parking function, vandal glass, color/coating options.

This housing is also available in a medium size (OHS-1020) and in a large size (OHS-1030)
In the OHS-1000 series the housings are also available as DSLR short version (OHS-1025 DSLR)
Also a cooled version with fan cooled ventilated sunshield (OHS-1025VS)

Small pan/tilt heads can be found here

Specifications for OHS-1010 camera housing

Material Aluminum or stainless steel
IP rating IP66
External Size HxWxL 190x150x430mm
Internal Size HxWxL 115x115x335mm
Weight Aluminum 2,5 kg
Weight Stainless steel 4,7 kg
Weight wiper (option) 0,5 kg
Window heater 30W PTC (self regulating)
Wiper (option) Self parking
 Voltage (wiper, Heater)  AC230V, AC24V, DC12V, DC24V
 Voltage (Fan)  DC12V, DC24V
Cable entry Two 20mm glands, one 25mm blinded hole
Color Grey
Temperture -25° +55°


  • Wiper

    The housing can be delivered with a built-in internally mounted wiper motor and external wiper arm. The wiper is activated by supplying voltage to the motor and when turned off the wiper will self park in the side of the window, spray nozzle available.

  • Double sunshield

    The housing can be delivered with a double sunshield as an extra isolation to avoid overheating from the sun rays. The sunshield is made as a clip on type to ease the cleaning and service of the camera housing.

  • Active heater

    The housing can be delivered with a built-in camera housing heater, not the standard window heater, but a heater element that heat up the housing to the temperature selected on the thermostat. The heat from the element is ventilated around the housing with a fan.

  • Internal fan

    The housing can be delivered with a built-in fan to remove hot spots in the housing generated by camera heat or other sources of heat. The fan will equal the heat around the housing.

  • Custom coating color

    The housing can be delivered in many colors and coatings. Color of the housing can be important if the housing should blend in the original design of a building, a ship or other applications. The color can also be a factor if the housing should be very visible to work preventive. For marine or other harsh environments the housing can be delivered with a very strong coating to extent the lifetime of the camera housing

  • Glass

    The housing can be delivered with vandal proof glass. Specialty glass with wide spectral response available (ex. SWIR)



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