Camera housings

Wide range of camera housings, Large, Medium and Small size. Many options: wiper, washer, fan, window heater and other heating options.

Stainless steel housings

Stainless steel camera housings, Large, Medium and Small, AIS 316 steel, wiper, heater, fan, washer. Camera housings for marine and harsh environment.

Pressurized housings

Pressurized nitrogen camera housings with options: wiper, heater, fan, washer. Pressurized housings in stainless steel AIS 316 steel.


2B Security present a wide range of large sized camera housings. The housings can be equipped with wiper and washer and special camera enclosures can be custom made. These high quality  housings are made for advanced applications, where high specifications are needed, IP rating, heating, wiper, washer. All housings are made in quality materials like stainless steel or aluminum.


If you do not find the needed housing in this section, then please e-mail your specifications, so we can check if we can supply the right camera housing solution.

Stainless steel camera housings

Stainless steel camera housing for marine and high corrosive applications
High grade AIS 316 Stainless steel camera enclosures, is typically used in marine enviroment or other high corrosive enviroments.



Most of our large camera housings are made to order and therefore options can be selected and customization can be done.

Most of our housings can be ordered with wiper, all the wipers are self parking, so the wiper will park at the edge of the glass, when the wiper operation is stopped.

When a camera housing with wiper is needed, then a washer system can be added to the system to spray water on the housing window while operating the wiper.


Nema and IP comparison

Nema and IP are two different standards that rate the degree of protection against solid objects, dust and water to compare the ratings see the below comparison:

NEMA / IP Equivalency Chart


IP 54


IP 65


IP 67