Custom pan tilt positioners and PTZ systems

Examples of custom made solutions from 2B Security Systems

We custom design pan tilt units and PTZ equipment in general and program custom specified firmware.

We are experienced in Hot enviroment, Long range applications, Marine surveillance, Harsh enviroment, See through fog, rain,
snow and many other surveillance applications. Our pan tilt positioner solutions are also used for  searchlight, antenna and other applications.



Custom designed long range PTZ cameras


PTZ-6000-with-new-1500-meter-laser2    PTZ6000-dual-camera     PTZ-system-with-laser-IR


Examples of Long range PTZ surveillance cameras that we designed and manufactured at 2B Security Systems.
Our PTZ cameras are made to customer specifications, each system we manufacturer are built differently.
Typically the large systems use 750mm or 1000mm motorized zoom lenses (with motorized extender 1500mm / 2000mm)
The cameras used depends on the application, day only, day/night or day/night with IR illumination, Wave length of illumination…




Pan tilt positioner applications

Heavy-Duty-Tripod-pan-tilt                   PT-7700-antenna-pan-tilt-positioner-2                      PT-2020-light-illuminatorsearch-light-pan-tilt-positioner


There are many applications for pan tilt positioners. All our pan tilt units have different specs for different applications.
Typical applications are, PTZ for a surveillance system, search light pan tilt positioner, long range speaker application or antenna positioner.
Some of the pan tilt units have advanced control features, like the advanced position control by “Absolute position / Pelco extended commands




Custom built pan tilt units


PT-2002-custom              custom-made-pan-tilt-unit             PT-1010RS-Black


Most of our pan tilt heads can be customized to specific applications and specifications.
Many of the units have a built-in serial interface with RS-485 Pelco D protocol and supports “Pelco extended commands”,
The firmware of the pan tilt can be custom programmed to your specific need.




Custom built or modified camera housings


housing-with-active-heater-and-15-degree-thermostat      camera-housing-PH-860--RJ45


We can custom built or custom modify our camera housings to fit your enviroment and specifications.
Most of our camera housings can be fitted with wiper and the wiper are typically used with a washer unit to spray the glass with water before wiping.
Our housing can be delivered with many options like thermostatic temperature control, internal fan, RJ45 connector, double sunshield, marine enviroment coating, built-in PSU, Ventilated sunshield for cooling…