HDT-3000 Heavy duty tripod

Heavy duty pan tilt tripod
Heavy duty tripod for heavy load up to 150 Kg. Portable design and adjustable height. Feet brackets for ground mounting.
  • Load capacity 150 Kg.
  • Aluminum
  • Weight 18 Kg.
  • Minimum height 1259mm
  • Maximum height 825mm

KB-1006 Pan/tilt keyboard with joystick and absolute position support

Pelco D keyboard with joystick and angle readout
This KB-1006 PTZ keyboard with joystick support 64 speed steps resulting in a exact pan/tilt control from very slow to very fast. The keyboard support “absolute positioning” to read out the position in degrees “angle readout”.
  • Absolute position support
  • Realtime angle readout
  • 64 pan/tilt speed steps
  • PTZ control
  • Preset support

KB-1001 telemetry transmitter keyboard

Pelco D keyboard
Simple keyboard with joystick to control PTZ solutions.
Download datasheet
  • Simple PTZ keyboard with joystick
  • Variable speed joystick
  • pan tilt and lens control
  • RS-485 Pelco D

USB to RS485/422 adaptor

To control your pan tilt from a PC you can use a USB to RS-485/422 adaptor. Absolute position angle readout can be received in realtime by use of RS-422. By use of RS-485 the position can be received by sending a QUERY command.
  • USB to RS-485/422 adaptor
  • USB cable included
  • Screw terminals for easy test setup
  • Support both RS-485 and RS-422
  • Drivers included

BW2 camera housing washer series

A series of washer units to spray water on the camera housing window while using the motorized wiper. The BW2 washer series is a range of different sizes and different lift height of the water spray up to 30 meter above ground. Options available.
Download datasheet
  • Camera washer system
  • Windshield washer fluid sprayer
  • 5,10 or 25 liter water container
  • Lift height up to 30 meter.
  • Optional steel cabinet

DC-DC Converter 12VDC in / 24VDC out

You can supply the 24VDC pan tilt with example 12VDC from a car battery by using this DC-DC converter. The converter transforms voltages from 9-36 VDC to 24VDC (2.5A)
  • Output 24VDC 2.5A
  • Input range 9-36VDC
  • Fully closed housing with mounting holes
  • -40 °C to +95 °C operating temperture
  • Remote on/off function