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PT-1030 pan/tilt “20/50 kg load”

  • Load capacity up to 20-45 kg (sidemount 50 kg)
  • Direct DC drive
  • Made of Aluminum with stainless fittings
  • Mechanical lash <0,16°
  • IP68 Pan tilt head


The PT-1030 pan tilt is a large sized pan tilt with a load capacity of up to 50 kg and can be controlled by direct DC voltage from a joystick or from an external RS-485 telemetry receiver.
The unit is made of aluminum and all fittings are made of stainless steel. The pan/tilt is IP68 enviroment rated.

For harsh enviroment a special marine painting can be ordered as an option to the pan/tilt.

Specifications for PT-1030 large sized pan/tilt

Material Aluminum
IP rating IP68
Load capacity Top mount 20 kg (30 or 45 kg with gas springs) (side mount 50 kg)
Size (LxHxW) 171 x 251 x 231 mm
Weight 12 kg
Pan angle 0-350°
Tilt angle -90° to +25°
Pan speed 30 or 10°/sec
Tilt speed 10°/sec
Absolute position support  No
Electric position accuracy NA
Mechanical lash  <0,16°
Presets NA (potentiometers optionally)
Preset accuracy NA
Motor type DC motor
Gear type NA
End-stop adjustable Externally by mechanical end stops
Interface  12 or 24VDC direct drive
Baud rate NA
Protocol NA
Address NA
Temperature range -25°C  +55°C with optional heater
Voltage supply 12 or 24VDC direct drive
Power consumption NA
 Motorized lens control  No
 Aux control  No
 Video cable  NA
 Network cable  NA


  • strong pan tilt with gas springs
    Gas springs

    Optional gas springs are available to higher the load capacity.

  • Side mount

    The pan tilt is available with top mount or side mount bracket.



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