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PT-2050 pan/tilt “50 kg load”

large pan tilt positioner
  • Load capacity up to 50 kg
  • RS-485 Pelco D serial control
  • Made of Aluminum with stainless fittings
  • Advanced positioning support
  • Motorized lens control


The PT-2050 high precision pan/tilt is a medium size unit with a load capacity of up to 50 kg. Many advanced control features, absolute position, Pelco extended protocol, variable speed, presets and motorized lens control.  The pan tilt is made of aluminum and all fittings are made of stainless steel.

The pan/tilt is designed with DC motors and worm gears, a combination to get a high load capacity and a strong hold capacity.

Specifications for PT-2050 pan/tilt

Material Aluminum
IP rating IP66
Load capacity Top mount 50 kg (side mount brackets optional)
Size (LxHxW) 350 x 380 x 206 mm
Weight 23 kg
Pan angle 0-340° (0-359° or 360° continuous rotation optional)
Tilt angle -45° to +45° (Optional up to -90° to +90°)
Pan speed 0,01 – 12°/sec
Tilt speed 0,01 – 8°/sec
Absolute position support  Yes
Electric position accuracy  <0,02°
Mechanical lash  <0,1°
Presets 100 presets
Preset accuracy <0,07°
Position repeatability <0,07°
Motor type DC motor
Gear type Worm gear
End-stop adjustable Factory setup only
Interface  RS-485
Baud rate 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps, N,8,1
Protocol Pelco D
Address 1-256
Temperature range -10°C  +60°C-(-25°C  +60°C with optional heater)
Voltage supply  24 VDC
Power consumption   Standby 0,07A, Max load 4A
 Motorized lens control  Yes (4 wire lens control and presets voltages)
 Aux control
 Video cable  Yes (HDSDI cable optional)
 Network cable  Optionally


  • 360 degree endless rotation

    Endless rotation option, for continuous 360 degrees rotation. High quality slip rings are installed to transmit power, video and control signals through the pan tilt unit. optionally GigE ethernet.

  • Wiring and connectors

    Custom wiring and connectors can be ordered, HDSDI or Network cable can be installed optionally.

  • Side mount

    Side mount brackets are available and can be mounted on each side of the pan tilt.

  • heavy duty tripod

    Heavy duty tripod made specifically for the PT-2020 pan tilt


This is a demo video of the PT-3002, but the PT-2050 are controlled in the exact same way:


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