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PTZ-7000 Long range IP PTZ camera

  • Long range IP PTZ camera system
  • Fully operated by IP (Pelco D, Onvif)
  • 750mm or 1000mm with Auto Focus
  • Endless 360 degrees rotation and variable speed
  • wiper and washer optional


The PTZ-7000 long range surveillance camera solution is a high spec IP PTZ camera system designed with high precision pan/tilt and a large size optical lens to cover the distance of a long range application like coastal surveillance, harbour control, large area security. The lenses are equipped with autofocus to ease the operation and to be able to control the system at a distance, even with delay on the network connection.

Pan tilt:
The PTZ system is constructed with the heavy duty pan tilt PT-2050. That pan tilt unit supports absolute positioning meaning that the exact position can be readout in realtime and also the pan tilt can be commanded to goto an exact position at a precision of 0.1 degree. The pan tilt are equipped with heaters and has a proven operation temperture of -25°C +65°C

The  large IP66 camera enclosure are made of aluminum with stainless fittings. The housing are specially made for this PTZ camera system to optain the best quality and stability in the housing. The housing are made to fit the 750mm or the 1000mm lens. The housing are equipped with heaters and has a operation temperture of -25°C +65°C. The housing can optionally be equipped with a wiper system.

The PTZ-7000 surveillance camera system can be ordered with 60X zoom 12,5-750mm or the 60X zoom 16,7-1000mm. Both lenses are equipped with autofocus system for easy operation.

The camera in the PTZ-7000 system is a IP camera equipped with a high sensitive 1/1.8″ progressive scan 2MP CMOS sensor. The camera change from color to B/W at night time for the best light sensitivity. The resolution of the camera are 1080p.


Long range IP PTZ camera specifications

Material Aluminum
IP rating IP66
Color Gray
Mechanical Size (LxHxW)
Weight Approx 35 Kg
Pan max angle 0-360° with endstops (360° continuous optional)
Tilt max angle Tilt -45/+45° (Custom angle -/+° option)
Variable Pan speed 0,01 – 12°/sec (64 step)
Variable Tilt speed 0,01 – 8°/sec (64 step)
Self-test Self-test is ON. (Can be disabled by a command)
Absolute positioning Yes (QUERY and SET commands for angle set and readout)
Mechanical lash  <0,1°
Presets 100 presets
Preset accuracy <0,1°
Position repeatability <0,1°
Motor type Step motor
Gear type Worm gear (auto brake)
End-stop adjustable Mechanical end-stop only by factory
Interface IP / Ethernet
Protocol Pelco D protocol / ONVIF support
Address 1-256
Temperature range -25°C  +65°C
Voltage supply  24 VDC
Power consumption  Standby 0,5A, Max 4A

We can make a 100% customized solution for specific pan tilt applications, see here


  • Optional wiper function

    Self parking motorized wiper to clear rain and to clean the window. (Option)

  • Double sunshield

    Double sunshield to reduce overheating caused by sun rays.

  • Internal ventilator

    Eliminate hot spot areas in the housing and ventilate the window.

  • washer unit for camera cleaning
    Optional washer sprayer unit

    Washer unit can be used to spray water on the window, when the wiper is running to clean the housing. (Option)

  • Heavy duty tripod
    Heavy Duty Tripod

    Made of aluminum and have a hight between 750mm and 1250mm. Tripod made to carry the large system.

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