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OHS-1030 large camera housing

Large camera housing
  • Very large camera housing.
  • Internal length 650mm
  • Easy service access
  • Water nozzle on wiper to spray window.
  • Many options available


Large size camera housings applications for long range lenses, the large camera housing OHS-1030 suits up to approx 1000/2000mm lenses.
The camera housing is rated to IP66 International Protection Marking
The housing is made of aluminum, quality painted and fitted with stainless fittings.

Optionally the housing can be painted with a special coating for marine enviroment. Many options are available for the housing. motorized wiper, water sprayer/cleaner, internal heating regulated by thermostat, double sun-shield as extra protection against overheating in midday sun. 

The OHS-1000 series of housings are designed with a 5 cm high housing base that can be used to mount different kind of electronics below the camera and lens.
Typical equipment installed in the base are relay boards, heater, ventilator, thermostat, wiper controller, IP server, power connections …
To service the camera, lift the top of the housing, the base of the housing is mounted on the bracket or pan tilt for easy to service.

This very large housing are typically mounted on a pan/tilt for applications like coastal surveillance, outdoor broadcast solutions, border surveillance and other long range applications.
The OHS-1030 large camera housing are used in the PTZ-6000 solution made by 2B Security, see the PTZ solution here 

Wide range of pan/tilt units can be found here


Large camera housing OHS-1030

Material Aluminum with stainless fittings
IP rating IP66 enviromental rating
External Size HxWxL 259x232x760mm
Internal Size HxWxL 180x170x650mm
Housing Weight 6 kg
Weight wiper (option) 0,5 kg
Window heater 30W heater element below window
Wiper (option) Self automatic parking
 Voltage (wiper, Heater)  AC230V, AC24V, DC12V, DC24V
 Voltage (Fan)  DC12V, DC24V
Cable entry Two 20mm glands, one 25mm blinded hole
Color Grey/white
Temperture -25° +55°


  • Wiper option

    For clear vision at all time a wiper option can be chosen. The wiper can run as a dry wiper or be equipped with a washer unit that spray water on the window. The wiper is featured with auto park in the side of the window.

  • Doublesunshield protection

    To overheat protect the housing in hot areas, a double shading can be done by adding a double sun-shield, that will reduce the mid day heating.

  • Active housing heater

    To protect the equipment installed in the housing, a minimum temperature can be chosen by a thermostatic active heater option. Typically it is recommended to keep the temperature above 5-10 degrees C.

  • Internal fan

    Ventilator constant working to equal hot hots in the housing and to make air circulation on the window.

  • Custom coating color

    Color and environmental coating can be chosen.

  • Glass

    Special glass with specific spectral response are available (ex. SWIR)


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